Well known in SUBWAY® TV advertisements Worldwide, Jared shot into fame while studying at university. It was then that the ®SUBWAY Corporation heard about his amazing weight loss of over 100 kg.   He has been a passionate advocate of SUBWAY® sandwiches ever since.

Diet Start Date: Mid-March 1998


Height: 188cm  (6' 2'')


Starting weight: 192 Kg  (425 pounds)


Current weight: 86 Kg    (190 pounds)


Exercise during diet: At first nothing, until he got down to about 140 Kg (300 pounds). Slowly, he replaced riding the bus with walking to classes. By 115Kg (250 pounds), he walked everywhere during the day. Typically 2.5 km (1.5 miles) per day.


Ending diet date: Early March 1999 (not quite a full year from start date)


Diet today: Slowly started eating other foods. Chooses foods with low fat. Eats a lot more calories (about 2,400 per day), but now limits the fat. He drinks only diet drinks, a little liquor or beer, and walks whenever he can.


Motivation: He stayed motivated with the help and encouragement of a college friend (then in medical school) and with the support of his family.


Why SUBWAY®: There is a SUBWAY® restaurant right next to where Jared’s apartment had been while he was at the University. He passed by everyday. He used to eat there frequently but one day when he was at his heaviest, he noticed the sign advertising sandwiches with "7 under 6" grams of fat. He ate a 6-inch turkey (no oil, mayo or condiments or cheese) for lunch and a 12-inch veggie (no condiments or cheese) for dinner. He ate the same sandwiches every day. This is what made it so easy. Once he saw the weight begin to come off, it only made him want to eat more of the low-fat sandwiches.


What Jared ate everyday:

Breakfast - coffee

Lunch - "I ate the 6-inch turkey, tons of vegetables, including hot peppers and a bit of spicy mustard." He left off the mayonnaise and cheese and had a bag of Baked Lays® potato chips and a diet soft drink

Dinner - Footlong veggie sub - again no mayonnaise or cheese.

Maintenance: Today, Jared still enjoys his favorite SUBWAY® sandwich, but has eased himself into eating other foods. He always chooses foods low in fat and limits the amount of alcoholic beverages. He still drinks only "diet" beverages and continues his walking regimen.


What he says about SUBWAY® Restaurants: "SUBWAY® helped save my life over and over. I can't ever repay that.”